Live Mic: the Best of TPL Conversations

Live Mic: the Best of TPL Conversations

The Live Mic podcast is over for the season. Stay tuned again in mid-September when we’ll have another great season of Toronto Public Library’s best conversations.

Recorded as part of some of TPL's most popular live event series, including The Appel Salon, On Civil Society, The Other Shelf and others, Live Mic: the Best of TPL Conversations comes to you monthly featuring conversations with some of today's best-known writers, thinkers and personalities.

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    Episode Three: Jennifer Egan on Writing Historical Fiction

    Listen as American writer, Jennifer Egan, talks to music and book journalist, Garvia Bailey, about the process of writing historical fiction and creating characters that are real and believable - whether they are a woman diver bucking conventions in 1920s New York (Manhattan Beach) or a 1980s rock and roll executive in A Visit from the Goon Squad.

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    Episode Two: Marilynne Robinson and American Fear

    Listen as novelist and essayist Marilynne Robinson (one of Barack Obama’s favourite writers and author of the essay collection What Are We Doing Here?) talks to author and journalist, Rachel Giese (Boys: What It Means to Become a Man). This event was recorded on Wednesday, March 14 in the Toronto Public Library’s Appel Salon. In this 18 minute discussion, Robinson talks about American Fear.

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    Episode One: Cannabis and You

    Cannabis. Pot. Marijuana. Whatever you call it, Canada called it legal on October 17, 2018. More and more, the topic is going to come up; at your place of work, your place of worship, your hangouts and most importantly, your home. Toronto Star has assembled dedicated journalists and outside experts to help walk you and yours through this major cultural shift in our day to day lives.